Go Shopping at Play the Game


Play the Game Catalog

Check out the new additions to the Play the Game family. On our homepage (right-hand side) you’ll see a new link to view one of the catalogs we now have available. Read on, because this is no ordinary catalog.

Then, at the top of our page you will notice a page dedicated to our Pro Shop. If you hover over that link, a new (just added!) link for Apparel presents itself. The apparel link also takes you right to our catalog.

Once you have opened the catalog, you can search hundreds and hundreds of items, request a quote, and upload your own logo or text for individual, team, business, corporate, or even promotional sales opportunities. Please check it out! Many of these items may be on Christmas lists of friends and family.

As always, if you have questions, come see us on South Willow Street in Manchester, NH or simply call us at (603) 232-6220.

About 1inawesomewonder

I like to call it like I see it. I think that joys and thrills can come from the smallest sources. Sometimes, I think that we had it better a generation or two ago. I'm happy to observe, to learn, and to take in the things around me.
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